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My Hot Toys Loki arrived today! I can’t get over the detail work; it is truly stunning. My favorite part is the warning on the instructions not to remove the clothing from the doll. Were there a lot of stripped Lokis and Thors in the past? (I can’t help but picture when my mother came upon my naked Barbie and Ken dolls holding each other in Barbie’s frilly canopy bed. Which,in case you were wondering, was last week.) ;)


So, I recently reached 2,500 followers on Tumblr and because I am genuinely astounded that 2,500+ people actually care about my paltry little blog enough to have me as a presence on their Tumblr dashboard, I have decided to throw a little bit of a 2.5k follower celebration. And I’m starting with this, a giveaway.

However, I am also horribly poor and thus can only afford to give away my skills as a fic writer.

Firstly, the rules:

  • You must be following me.
  • The giveaway will end on 12th September 2014.
  • To enter, you must reblog this post once. Any more reblogs will be disqualified/disregarded, and likes will not count.
  • There will be one main winner and two runner-ups.

Secondly, the prizes:

  • The winner will receive a 2,000 word fanfiction for any ship or character that they choose. When written, it will be posted on both and Ao3.

  • The runners-up will each receive a 500 word fanfiction for again, any ship or character that they choose. Like the winner’s fic, both will be posted on and Ao3, and will be posted as separate stories.

Thirdly, the conditions:

  • The fic can be any rating you wish (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit) and can be either canon compliant, a canon AU, a non-canon AU such as bakery, coffee shop, spies etc., but I will not write dub/non-con or anything that could be deemed to be triggering.

  • You must have your ask box open so I can contact to tell you if you have won or not. To make it fair, I’ll be using a random generator to choose the winner. If the winner or either of the runner-ups fails to reply within two weeks, I will choose another winner or runner-up so please, please reply promptly.

  • You must willing to discuss with me what sort of fic you want, for the story will be completely tailored to you and what you want—the ship, the story, the themes, etc.

  • Lastly of all, you must be willing to wait. I will try my damnedest to complete the stories as quickly as possible, but quality does take time, so please bear that in mind.

And if you’re still dubious about this whole thing, check out my writing profile on Ao3, or, if you prefer,

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